1. the only pain killer for heart ache is to go through the process of grievance over a loss.
  2. no matter how long you stay with someone or how observant you are, one can never understand a human completely. Hence:
  • Human beings are unpredictable creatures.
  • the most uncivilized specie on earth
  • Human beings are capable of doing ANYTHING!

 3. the closest to you have the capability to hurt you the worst.

4. Love never goes away….. if its there, it would stay. Else, it wasn’t there at all.

5. get over is easy! i didn’t learn it…. i hope!

6. This tooo shall pass. Let it pass!ise

7.Some times the worst times in your life turn out to be blessing in disguise.

8.Everything happens for a reason.

9. the time when you are trying to forget something is the time when you remember it the most….everything and every place reminds you of it.

10.Dream but dont expect they’d all come true.

11.premature attachment can never guarantee a “forever”… then why would you do it?

12.its cruel to make someone feel something. That, which you dont feel anymore…

13.The worst kind of relationships are: transitory, experimental, practice terms, make believe.

14. wen you feel beyond hurt, words dont do justice.

15. when someone is not worth it or worth it,  they’ll prove it so.

16. Time heals all wounds, mends all that broke inside u, life pulls you, and u get to know your own worth. you learn to live again. what remains is the question WHY?

17. the darkest night follows a bright morning.

18.the one who’d care about you, wont hurt you.

19.the one who’d love you would never leave you.

20.i have not yet met him… the one who’s sincere.

21. the sincere one wont be an angel, but will be honest and true to you.

22. strength of a person lies in his endurance.

23.if you can read the signs well, follow the directions.

24.remember, you would always get signs.

25.the most important weapon to save yourself is the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

26 i believe, when you love someone set him free, if he comes back he is yours if he doesn’t then he never was.

27.its not very difficult to tell if someone is into you or not. whats difficult is to accept it.

28.id you get hurt from breaking of a one sided love  affair, probability is that you always have experienced only being on the other side.

29.obsession, desperation, frustration are elements that guarantee failure  to have a happy and healthy relationship.

30.the biggest reason to doubt others is self doubt.

31. if you really want to know the real in someone, know your own reality first.

32.if you only go on making yourself into someone who could be worth the other person, you would definitely loose yourself.

33.pleasing others will only make you hate yourself.

34.Fair self worth assessment is essential before expecting from life.

35.forgeting your learnt lessons is like never learning them at all.

36.if someone is not with you, its probably because he is not suppose to be with you in the first place.

37.you can fight on a lost cause forever, but a cause when lost gets lost forever.

38.your higher self will always tell you if he is not the one.

39. if you have to TRY to be good enough for someone, you will never be good enough for him.

40.I still have to clear up if i am selfish or selfless.


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