Infatuation: the image/perception of a person, usually a made up concept that you think you love….short to meium lived

Crush: being smitten……to the most obvious and shallow act or attribute etc that tickles you…..very short lived

Lust: the most dangerous addiction for a human. the most delusional phase…sleep walk time period of one’s life… over powered by a psychological need (yes its more psychological then physical)

Temptation:  one gives in to this and becomes a fool.

Love: Enigma.

Commitments: the sweetest promise. should not be like a burden. keeps one on a single track. helps build life… very important building blocks.

Feelings: can play havoc in one’s life… those subtle waves in one’s self which keeps one alive…

Emotions: important element in one’s life… they actually make the basis of a person’s pattern of decision making process and play an important role in it.

Happiness: little butterfly everyone’s after….you catch it , you  kill it.

Desires: makes life worthwhile…

Dreams: mirage….looks beautiful and tempting from a distance but fades (usually) when gets closer.

Wish: could be long lived or spontaneous urge for something very dearly wanted.

And then what actually happens: one finds himself in situations, circustances, the phase of life, time constraint, reality check, probability of possibility which all sumerize to as “Issues”……so to say,that then, LIFE happens..


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