Dear friends, here are some of the facts about me. I wrote them at random, it’s not written on priority basis. If you are tagged you must write about yourself… something no one really could know about you.

1. I fall for manners. It’s the first thing I notice.

2. I believe in giving people a second chance but not a third.

3. I am very finicky about my perfumes.

4. I am very generous by heart.

5. I appreciate/ admire beauty. I am very attracted by the looks. But somehow they have never been on my list of criteria to choose to be friends with someone.

6. I love the company of open hearted/ minded people as I am a very carefree person.

7. I don’t like to be watched it makes me nervous.

8. I don’t like to be talked about in good or bad terms. It makes me blush.

9. I have a very receptive personality. I will be with you the way you are with me.

10. I get the feel/vibe of things way before they are to happen.

11. I easily get addicted to things I like. These days Farmville: D

12. I am very sensitive at heart, although I like to look strong.

13. I often appear to be a rude person to others. I am not.

14. I am pretty straightforward.

15. My strongest trait is that I forgive people very easily.

16. Somehow I can not remember the bad things said and done by others. Maybe that’s the reason why I put stuff behind me and move ahead.

17. I don’t do anything without a reason.

18. I bite my nails but if you look at them you would not know.

19. Every person has a balance of good and bad in them. I believe in the goodness of others.

20. Usually my first judgment about others turns out true. I somehow don’t buy what I see

21. I have a fondness for nice voice in men and women.

22. I have a charm for British accent.

23. I like activity, adventure, fun….

24. Touring around the world is my desire.

25. I have an obsession with flying and airplanes and traveling by planes etc 26. I don’t like to give up without trying my level best. I never gave up without trying my level best.

27. I think when you give a present to someone, it’s about who you are and not about what the other person is. Your gift reflects your taste. So I always try to gift people what I like for myself

28. I love to give presents and surprises. I love to receive presents/ good surprises.

29. I like to appear as an unpredictable person.

30. I can get along with almost anyone for a few hours very well but I make very few friends.

31. I am a very deep person who thinks a lot. But I try to appear as a shallow person because I think it’s an easy way to fit in people these days.

32. I am a brand-crazy person and even though I know it’s a very shallow thing but I can’t get over it.

33. I do something in the best manner there is or I won’t do it at all. I am a perfectionist. Less than perfect job done puts me off.

34. I am a very lazy person.

35. I am a neat freak and a lazy person: P hence my room is really messy and I don’t like it.

36. I always think there is room for improvement.

37. When I am at home, I am in rags.

38. I hate to wait.

39. I am a very impatient person.

40. Sometimes I dream about stuff that comes true.

41. My heart tells me which prayers of mine will come true.

42. I have a soul connection with Allah. Though I don’t appear to be a very religious person with very conservative clothing. 😛

43. I am very, very moody. I don’t like this habit.

44. I don’t think anyone in this world really knows me or could really understand me completely. Maybe it’s safe to say that I am a very difficult person to understand.

45. My heart and mind are mostly in a conflict, I usually go by my heart.

46. I have an eye for art. My aesthetic sense is very strong.

47. I have a stiff nature. I need to be more at ease with life.

48. I am obsessed with purple color.

49. I admire intelligence, wits and humor in a person.

50. I strongly believe in women’s liberty and rights since I was in my teens. 51. Music calms me down. It’s my therapy.

52. I usually have to talk to someone and get stuff out of my system.

53. I was obsessed with my hair in my teen years.

54. I am very out spoken. Sometimes I say stuff without considering the other person’s emotions.

55. I have my opinions. I make sure they are heard. I don’t tolerate injustice and typical men don’t like these qualities in a woman.

56. I appear to be very smart and very stupid at the same time.

57. I believe in the strength of bonds in relationships than in titles to relationships.

58. I love my solitude, my space…

59. My dream job can be in airline industry as It would get me be close to planes and flying around.

60. I like the sound of big engines in cars, high speed, and racing.


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