It is not an ideal world… but, there are certain things that you wish you could help shape up….. such things that bring you comfort and happiness, peace and tranquility…..

Nothing works better for me then watching the sunset by the seaside whenever I want… Its divine!

Its a feeling like, you get by the whole day, and work things out…. make compromises and help things run smooth but by the end of the day, you want to walk on the beach bare feet, and look at the day ending infront of you….. a good day ends with it…. would bring a smile of content…. and if a bad day ends with it, brings a smile that it ends here 🙂

The very sight of Sunset by the Seaside brings me that comforting feeling which comes when you rest your head on a dear one’s chest……. It refuels so you can get on with the next day…and the next….and the next! 🙂

Sunset by the seaside is the best place where you can end alot, that you want to get over with and at the same time it is where you can begin alot new which can change your life in entirety.

With the waves crashing on the shore, bringing in sea shells and resetting all you drew on wet sand, it just wispers to you how you can reset just by erasing every little unrequired, painful detail of the past, leaving behind only the bundles of joy, content, happiness and tranquility……

Just like the waves never cease to meet the shore, life would never cease to move forward… sun sets, only to tell you that it will rise again, there will be a new day, with its unique set of happenings and challenges to face, with new hopes and happy moments to cherish……..

Life, plays around sunrise and sunset and everything in between is where you play your part. Some things are in control, some are utterly out of bounds…things which you have control over, you  move them in the right direction and what is bound to happen, you muster enough courage to accept it! swallow it! and that is life.


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