I hate to admit that :
  1. I can’t take criticism well.
  2. I am a hopeless romantic.
  3. That I live in a fantasy world.
  4. I don’t make good decisions for myself.
  5. that I have a crazy tendency of losing interest in things.
  6. I’m unpredictable.
  7. I don’t trust people anymore.
  8. I always place heart over mind.
  9. My passion can go a little beyond normal limit.
  10. I have  guts. And I am quite daring… Can be intimidating sometimes.
  11. If it clears my values and principles, risks attract me a lot.
  12. I get addicted to things pretty easily.
  13. I hate that no matter what, I JUST DON’T LOOSE HOPE.
  14. Pressure tactics are repellent.
  15. I am a sucker for “Girls just wanna have fun! “
  16. I hate the feel after waking up that what I dreamed was true. (knowing it will be)
  17. I hate being right about a suspicion.
  18. I hate it, that I believed in something/ someone and turns out I was wrong.
  19. My opinions are based on the purity of one’s  intentions. Intentions are difficult to judge.
  20. Other people/ things do get more important to me than myself.
  21. I hate that I seem easy, but I am not!
  22. I hate to be dragged into or out of something. I just hate drag.
  23. I look very mysterious and I try so hard not to be mysterious.
  24. I have severe privacy issues.
  25. I hate being unsure, indecisive and afraid.

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