Feelings are amazing. Our lives are totally at a loss if we don’t get overwhelmed by something or someone.
Feelings can be simple and complex… this is only to its interpretations. Just like the events in life.
But on the lighter note, I find myself totally overwhelmed by the following at some point in time or another:
  • Warm,  fuzzy

When someone makes you believe that he/she is totally in love with you and you totally believe it. Its the most amazing feeling and has the highest addiction rate compared to any other drug.

  • Gift wrapped newness

Untouched, spotless, just in, just bought… there are a lot of ways to express what gift wrapped newness is, but simply it is something you just bought for someone or you are unwrapping a present. Yes, it is to the fact that the delight I get by unwrapping a present is much more than receiving one.

  • To you I belong

Feeling that this is the one for me…. or someone exactly like him/her.

  • Its my baby

Creating something from beginning till it is made without anyone’s input. And also your car. 😉

  • Predicting the next thing and it happens.

Well, pretty self explanatory.

  • Mutual admiration

Teacher and you… or someone you look up to and in return you are also found to be potential candidate for greatness 😀

  • Seeing something and thinking its “priceless”

Can be totally awesome.  It depends on the priority and not its value.

  • Listening to your song on the radio

Even though, you can buy a CD, find it out on you tube, but the real joy is when you hear your song on the radio… It makes you feel like dancing and sing along and its in one word a pure delight 🙂


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