The search for peace within one’s self can be attained by thorough soul searching. But, not be able to deal with it and putting it behind, untouched is a recipe for disaster. It will keep getting bigger and bigger and from benign to malignant.

How many different types of personalities one person can have? How contrasting can they be from one another? From a thinker to totally being lame, from homely and typical to utterly and truly artistic. From a romantic dreamer to seriously practical. From needy, clingy and demanding to self sufficient. From humorous, fun loving to a complete bore!

I, for one, can be totally selfless and egoistic, not at the same time but I can be both…. very strongly and what I fail to understand is whats the real me than? How can I like two totally contrasting things equally? What is my personality type? Where will you box me? How can I be engulfed in literature and then have an eye for fashion?How can I have a strong analytical mind and then get carried away for the mushy, emotional stuff?  How to define, ME?

How can I be spiritual and worldly at the same time? Spiritual from within and worldly from the appearance… selfless within and who is apparently egocentric. Does that make me a liar? An actor? master of disguises?


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