1. Ride a motor bike…. like have a ride with someone
  2. Cook a new dish
  3. Meet a new person…. make new friends.
  4. Do something to help someone….
  5. Make a future plan… like discover a new exciting travel destination etc
  6. Create a new reinforcement to kill a bad habit… erasing the past… making way for future.
  7. Walk on th beach in the moonlight
  8. bonfire on the beach
  9. walk on the beach early in the morning….. before sunrise.
  10. Make someone’s day better, anyhow, somehow…each time a new person.
  11. Discover something new about yourself
  12. discover something new that brings happiness to you.
  13. Learn to play an instrument…
  14. Find a reinforcement to live in the present… feel it.

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