Hate this, but this is reality…. “The only thing constant is change”. So “if the good times didn’t stay, bad ones won’t either”. “This too shall pass”

When things don’t seem to be in control, the only wise thing to do is, to step aside and observe. Because the more you participate in the uncontrollable events, the worse they may get.

I am the kind of person who feels most comfortable in scenarios that are familiar. I, get use to of places, people, things, even gadgets by taking my sweet time… but then I don’t want anything to change.

Change is like an ‘acquired taste’ for me. I allow change, when I am ready. Unfortunately, change of matters, situation, feeling, people do not come with a warning, and do not give you time to prep up for it. The only thing is that you should be ready at all times for matters to change. This uncertainty gives me a lot of stress.

But nothing in life is predictable. Life itself is the most unreliable thing. One moment it looks rosy, the next it becomes black. It is ironic but true that you always have that what you don’t want and what you do want, you don’t have. So you keep up your pace with the constant change and run, run, run, away from things people, places that are no more the same, only to find that you are not running towards anything… there is no ‘finish line’. Stagnation is the end of life. Reminds me of the tea party in the animated movie of Alice in wonderland… celebrating 364 “un birthdays” rather than 1 birthday :). Thats a real celebration of life. You must celebrate each day because it won’t ever come back.


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