I have always been clever with not being the rebound person. I could tell from miles away if a guy is only here because he is at a rebound.
Let alone the fact that I get to be the ‘rebound’ person for the same guy for more times than I should be proud of…
If we see the reasons behind this mishap at my end, if we try to scrutinize it and try to pin point where I missed it… its all gonna be an “ohhh, that!!” moment… which is not really a place I would want to revisit. But, it is so clear that, I am feeling this..
I am hearing someone say, “I am thankful for helping me make this happen… something that was not happening for long and I have lost out on her several times but you, made it work so, let me offer you my greatest sympathies and a helping hand to assist you to cope up with your tragic life.”
hey, hellooo… I never helped you voluntarily, what help? and if you are talking about the manipulation of any kind that you did, then HELL NO! I don’t want you near or around me or inside my head… I on the contrary have got only 2 words for you and your sort… FUCK OFF!
Don’t try to fake your fake kindness and sense of empathy that does not exist. You are lower than a gutter I would not like to stand by. Because people who rob off of other people are the most dishonest, corrupt, manipulative kinds I don’t want to associate with. Whatever happens in my life is my business… just buzz off! And STOP stalking me… its not gonna make you any real at being an investigative journalist… I am NOT your story.
Don’t be bothered. Writing and singing songs about my life and concentrating too much into what goes on in my life, Watching me with unblinking eyes are not the signs of caring or supporting someone… it is just weird and odd behavior at your end. Go away, find a new story to work on. I am sure, there can be other community services and people who are in need of your “love, care and support” I DO NOT need it from you.

I feel, Whatever it would be, its gonna be better than being used this way. I was never your mother whose is the only unconditional love.
By the end of all this comes karma. What I wish is for you to die. But, let karma do its magic on you dude… lets see who gets to have the last laugh.
Don’t know which way you’ll pay, but you are paying for sure, you arrogant bastard!
As for me, life will go on… don’t need you to ‘fix’ it haha…


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