What ever happens in your life, shapes your life. Not just that, it becomes your life or to be precise, it is your life!

People usually have a very derogatory way of looking at the past… like, past is passed…. past is not to be looked at or past is a time one should forget about and move on.

If we really look at it, past makes our preferences in life. Past dictates us as to how we want to live, what we like, what kind of people we are, how we want to live our lives, Who we want to live it with, what we want to do and what is it that we NOW do not want to do and why are we here? All this and more are dictations from the past and we unconsciously follow it. All the experiences worth making a mark on us, are placed in our subconscious on a permanent basis and we do not realize that we are boxing ourselves, we are chained to that ‘one time’ when it felt real.

If not actively, we then, in our subconscious start the ‘comparison’ of anything that happens in our life to what we have experienced before. The problem with this practice is that nothing matches the ecstasy we have had before and if the present scenario does not ‘top it’, our votes and loyalties go to the former situation. hence, it is safe to say that when sometimes we claim that we have ‘moved on’, in reality, we haven’t and we NEVER wi

It is a wise assessment that if we get stuck with a particular time frame that has passed, has it’s existence in us and as days go by, it stays with us making it more like ‘present’ than ‘past’.

In my experience, people who live in their past can never really, wholeheartedly accept anything new. New becomes alien to them because for them, the comfort of the known is always more soothing than the coldness of the unknown. So, if we understand this, we would never fall in the traps and have more empathy in us.


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