More than what people tell me and more than what I read has always been what I feel. Listening to this higher power that speaks to me in very unusual yet convincing manner which for me becomes totally undeniable.

In this world around me, which is utterly a surreal blur, I manage to hear and understand what the universe is trying to tell me and with a little concentration, I manage to decipher the coded message.

No, I am not claiming to be a “baba ji” (a spiritual guide), but I can’t help catching a frequency we ‘humans’ are not supposed to catch.

Certain events, bits and pieces of conversations, an occasional laughter, a glimpse of someone I yet have to see, comes in my dreams and I can then have a true ‘deja vous’ moment in real. 

What makes up my belief is that power that makes my heart believe in something unseen, unheard, untouched to be existing… to be true. Like, it is there on a whole new platform, that is the spiritual level.

As I searched for it, I came to know that all of it was so much there in our fate, to be there in each other’s lives, just the way it was, just exactly the way it is!

If you may understand this concept as I do, you will realize what it may mean to me? It is my asset, my spiritual bonding means a lot to me because I think, anyone can make emotional bonds based on physical attributes, monetary value and anything and everything materialistic, but the kind of bond I made is the most precious one which can only be cherished by us both because luckily, this kind of bond can not be made with a mediocre, average, boy next door kind of person but with someone who also could catch the same wavelength. 

Bond of the spirits have the strongest bonding. It is not needy, demanding or conditional which makes it all the more beautiful. And you can never feel it if you don’t have a pure heart with slightest of blackening.

I am thankful for the latest insight into this matter which has made me more peaceful with the events that have been happening in my life for sometime now.


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