In between controlling your way in life and letting go, FATE happens.

I am the biggest believer of “destiny” and “fate” and that, there is some kind of power leading you to where you should be… where you are supposed to be.

I hate realizing that on your way to your happiness, you have to encounter people who’d always oppose it? Ask them why and they’ll turn your head round and round with their babbling and never admit that “What you have or about to have is what they always dreamed to have DAMMIT!” but couldn’t 😦

I feel for them.

Also, I don’t  know why something that feels so right has the “worst timing in the world”… I  mean think about it, if only it had happened before certain other things, it would have been “JUST PERFECT”!!!

But I guess, with so many other challenges to face, we have to learn to do the right things… if  only the question is not about, what is right?

What is right? Putting myself in your shoes… the prior commitments or something that clings to your heart?

What if I was someone’s “prior commitment” …. if he abandons me, how would I feel? Maybe I would try to rationalize if I were the right person?

Who is the one for you?

Someone who loves you, even unconditionally or someone who claims that he has “rights” over you just because he has been with you for so many years?

Honestly speaking, my own real life experience is, with a very heavy heart, 2-3-4-5 years or more do not matter in upcoming ONE year….separate yourself for a year and feelings go lame, good times don’t ever bring a nice feel back to you, spark fuses out and all that you built goes away if the person on the other end is not there for you no more… if you were struggling in your life and the other was having the time of his life, if you needed support and care and he was not even there for his selfish reasons… NOT THERE FOR YOU  WHEN YOU NEEDED!

Now, it all makes sense. Love is not compromising to be with someone and being with someone becomes like playing games with them… trust gets lost somewhere you can’t ever retrieve from, love goes to hell and you get tired of the whole ordeal. 

I suffered all this only to realize, love is effortless at both ends… it is always there no matter where in the world you are! and you grow up to know that number of phone calls don’t measure your love for them or theirs for you. You miss them, you want to stay in touch, you always want to know whats up with them and want to tell them your side of the story too… and YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO DO IT! because both of you  take your own separate decision to be there for each other. 

Love happens. You never choose to fall in love … you are surprised yourself how it happened and refuse to acknowledge it for as long as you can but then It begins to shows on you so much so that you can’t cover it up with any excuse.

What I heard about love was that, if you are truly in love, you are the last person to know it… to realize it… to admit what it is!

There are no rules for it… there are no restrictions but only a personal approach to handle it…

Some go for it…. go and get it.

Others keep it in their hearts with them forever and the rest of their life goes as it was suppose to…

Few even try and run away from it… that’s a childish act.

Me, I believe in fate… I am a firm believer of destiny…

I don’t pressure or force it either way, forcing to feel is as bad as forcing not to feel :(… It does not matter how much you force yourself to feel something, if does not come to you naturally, it will only be fake and fake is totally unacceptable to me… forcing not to feel sure is unfulfilling and it gets choking after a while and totally lame… you basically die without dying…

On the other hand,  if you let God be the best judge and ask him to do what’s best for everyone involved, the results are going to be absolutely rewarding… one way or the other… 🙂

Me, I believe in true love and happy ever afters like a little girl ….

Some people plan on perfect wedding receptions and dream about them… I dream of being with someone I want to be with.


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