It is funny how ‘karma’ works. 

Funny how, when you have finally found your happiness, people decide that they need to haunt you, making their “fail” attempts to change your mind about your life… remind you of “this time” and “that time”. Classic!\

You waited for the rain to pour for a very long time…. to see the bright rainbow and smell the clean, fresh, pleasant air again! 

And, when you have got it, people try to tell you stuff you are NO LONGER interested in…. that former “feelings” were what you exactly want and thats your life! Classic!

The only valid argument here is, that it was your philosophy that I clearly remember, you had told me for years and years; If you have missed your chance, your time is up! and it is now only fair to move ahead and this only happened because you and I may not be the best possible thing happened in eachother’s life… You found your freedom in “many” of them and I got mine in someone. So, chill!

It is the classic rebound situation and I fail to understand the need God has to make us poor souls go through this… Maybe He wants us to understand the importance and value of people, relationships and what we have and know how to cherish it. Maybe He wants us to have a peek into other’s life after how we try our level best to destroy it to see how well they did afterwards… Maybe we should learn from our ‘former’ mistakes and lead a better life in the present and make better decisions for ourselves for future!

Trust me! real life and pure feelings are beyond your petty thinking about liking someone for someone’s looks, popularity and all the rock and roll that glitz and glam….for me “someone” is first known for his character, loyalty, truth, humanity, care, pure soul, talents, humor and education… and I am glad to have met someone

if I have a soul to soul connection with someone, it is inexplicable at every level, so for  you, I have only this, in the words of Justin Timberlake “what goes around, comes around! “

So, needless to remind you for the time when you deserted me…

  • when I was crying, someone cheered me up…
  • When I was lost in life, someone helped me figure it out…
  • when I needed support the most, someone was around… and has been around ever since…and I cherish it… 

That’s what I learnt from life, to cherish something/someone when you are with them and not run after them after losing them!

Genuine care is something you don’t ask for and don’t get from anyone and everyone… there is this special bond that gets stronger with true feelings that are based on unconditional care and love…

Classic is the situation when life brings you all you have ever wished for and no one else matters more than what you are about to have (hopefully) touch wood **

And, no one from your family or friends would mess it up for you if they really, truly care for you!

Hence, give your desperate tries for a come back after years and years of torture and trauma,  a rest for the rest of your life!


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