Earlier today, I had an interview with a professional HR person during which I came across questions we all must know about ourselves and should keep asking from time to time. Since I was at the spot, I replied as close to the truth as possible keeping in mind the professional behavior of a person, since you can’t be absolutely candid in a work place scenario. But it made me think about  all that on a very personal level as to what I really do think about those points.

Your fears:

If I’d be suffocated, pressured and forced by people.

Your weaknesses:

Love, care, decency, respect. I will simply melt for manners and genuinely kind gestures.

Your strengths:

Honesty, Truth, Compassion, Empathy, to see things through for what they truly are rather than how they appear to be. I have been told that I  have an eye for things. More like the one that can strip your soul.

Your Happiness:

Love, which can truly give me the peace of mind I am searching for.

Your achievements:

Education. I am in a continuous learning process to become a better human being.

What makes a better human being?

The choices you make. Everyone has several options pertaining to the most righteous to sickeningly devilish. What do you choose to do, or the course you take is what distinguishes you to be better and not just another human being.

What are you made up of?

Dreams, thoughts, Ideas, even abstract creativity… mind, heart and soul search for creation and improvisation  around me. 

Passion. The best ingredient and most rare if gauged on as to how genuine it is… Passion is my asset.

What would you do in a situation where there is a conflict between two people?

Help them resolve it and if I can see a clearer perspective, I’d let them know.

What do you see yourself as?

A helper. There are kinds of people, like healers, helpers, destroyers, builders etc. This comes from your soul. I know, I am a helper.

Your gifts:

A conscience that is alive.  A heart that is pure. A clean and clear soul that rules me.

What ticks you off?



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