Eleven days …. just 11 days have passed since the new years. In this very short span of time I had to look back to my new years resolutions… and other similar lists that I made… thinking it will keep me on the right track… but in merely less than 2 weeks time, everything that I had thought got quite faded…

So many things in life that we promise, think of or say out loud that we even mean at that point, but they just get side tracked and we get busy with our daily lives.. trying to make it exciting.

Planning and life go hand in hand in rare occasions… usually its planning around what actually happens in our life… which can differ with what we plan.

Within eleven days, I have started wondering how many of the things in my list would I be able to do this year, and how many will be carried forward to the next.. But even then, the good thing is that I have thought of them now and everything begins with a thought.


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