• Intuitions are angels?
If thoughts come to you that compels you to stop from doing something that you currently think you should go ahead and do, are the little angel thoughts that you receive to combat the evil that puts doubts in you and takes you on the wrong path.
  • Your thoughts;
Every human being hence, lives with devil and angel. What matters is the action…and actions depend upon choices…choices come from those options that you give yourself…you opt from the available choices….your conscience provides you with those options that   you allow yourself … what you allow yourself as an option comes from the set of priorities that you have both consciously and unconsciously already set for yourself. You act, clearing away the the blockages put up by the evil spirits, and the vibes you get from surrounding, emptying that and combining with the ruling sign, (which in my case is intuition) you make your decisions and then act upon them. 
  1. Your own thought/ mindset
  2. What devil fills in your head
  3. Vibes, what ever you pick from your environment, surroundings

What tops it all is, self knowledge and the sense of fairness. 

Sometimes, the thing that constantly hits your mindset DOES get the best of you. But, that is where the “nerves” have to play it right. 



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