Since when did ‘fighting’ became the rule to make a relationship real?

Fighting is bad. Wow!!!! no one had ever said this to me before :P…

Fighting only leads to bitterness and grudges. Well, I have been through it, seen it, lived it… I fail to understand HOW is fighting with someone ever going to make things work?

You need to have minimum conflicts, minimum disagreements and it is usually a good stance to give the other person a breathing space if he/she is getting upset.

I think, long lasting relationships have  silent understanding on most of the things. And, the stance to keep the other person on the same page and update with the current situation is a better way to handle things, provided that, this IS exactly who you want to be with.

Which takes me to the same point zero… Choosing a partner for life! always tricky, always tough, always confusing yet very simple if your priorities are clear to you. You won’t AT LEAST be indecisive about who can fit in the hypothetical future picture…

Easy, understanding spouse is a blessing. Supportive spouse is more than just a blessing and top it with love… don’t need anything anymore…

So, where is there a space to ‘fight’? Yes, after a certain period of togetherness, individuals collide on major or random things but there should always be a good way to handle it. Specially if one is on the verge of fighting for no reason, just let her/him take it all out. When they are done clearing their system, they’ll realize their over reactions and exaggerated behaviors.

I, have many fronts to take care of… I would hate to open new ones just for the heck of it…. the amount of energy required to fight is far more than trying to keep things run smooth. I prefer running things smooth. I want to devote to it. Avoid conflicts, fights, quarrels … it is just a mess! makes a bigger mess of people involved in it…. and the mood is ruined for days…

there never comes anything good out of a fight.


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