Dream the Dream… love is a battlefield… heartache to heartache we stand, no promises no demands…. IS love, indeed.

But love IN a battlefield has many repercussions, in the mid of truth and lie and the investigation to figure out “which is which”, you end up giving it a bad name… one way or the other….

Someone who believes in love and longed for it for as long as one can remember, can and should therefore be able to identify it at first sight. 

Waiting for the moment of truth to hit you on your face is like knowing a tsunami warning and waiting for it to come to you to tell you it is really happening.

And then there are weak moments…where you can’t stand the tides up against you and the water goes over your head, you surrender...is surrendering true love or is it surrendering? The question is for how long can you NOT acknowledge truth. Some people can, as long as they live…. regretting forever for not knowing what might have been….

It is funny, ironic and for me, a moment of pure insanity where I want to laugh, cry, dance and shout at the same time…. for seeing it happening right now…. for knowing its end either way!

Can’t help it, my intuitions were strong as a child and they have only sharpened with time… Guess I was a mom since I was born 😀 and that my dear IS my edge over all others…it has always been 🙂

In cultivating a nice, proper, healthy relationship one must learn to see things for what they are and not as posed. If we learn to face reality, Life gets bearable and decisions become easy. One must know and accept what one can not live without…. the without part or feeling of being deprived of something should be a strong motivation in the achievement of one’s dreams and goals.

What are we fighting for? is it a power struggle? is it because “I can’t face losing”? Is it that we don’t even know what we want? Are we that present who is stuck between past and future? not realizing that your future has yet to come… and the past can never be repeated. 

Living for the present, carefully evaluating past and analyzing for a better, promising tomorrow should be the “game plan”. The stamp on it has to be  the content of your heart. 

You fight fire with fire only to realize that you made a lot of fire, and you may get what you fought for but….

There is this saying and it goes like, “We all have powers. There is this thing that you do, and there is this that I can do…and then there is this thing that God will do.”


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