A very good example of a person who is arrogant and stubborn as well as envious who is dipped in pride and won’t acknowledge humanity and humble nature of a human is that of a preacher who takes pride in all he has and all he knows to that of a Darwaish. The preacher one day, sees this darwaish, who talks from his learnings and his intuitiveness to a gathering about obedience and the preacher hears him from a distance. He calls that darwaish in a loud, arrogant voice and says, “You can’t make me become obedient.”

The Darwaish calls him and says, “Sorry, but I can’t hear you, could you come a little closer and repeat yourself?” The preacher comes closer and tells him what he had said before. Darwaish tells him he is still not able to hear him, so the preacher gets closer…..and closer… and closer…till he stands in front of him and the Darwaish tells him, “who says you are not obedient”

Obedience is, accepting and doing exactly what has been asked (usually without a question)… Its also blind following which is the consequence off the trust deployed to the person who leads you. Trust and Confidence in another for your own reasons, be it scientific, faith based, religious, self interest or any other….

Conscience on the other hand is your own judgement of the matter, that which comes from your thought process or mindset… Your sense of justice, righteousness.

If you combine obedience with conscience, you have the best power of decision making and the ability to become a better human being. So, for example if someone asks you to quit something, and the reason is virtue and honor, and you decide to leave it, you have the sense of obedience with conscience.

The good part of this is, your sense of fighting for justice will never die, your sense of  righteousness is kept intact, and obedience is not blindly followed to find a doomed fate, instead it gets stronger knowing that the one who leads you, is right!



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