I feel like I am in a court room and there is this longest court hearing EVER! 

It just doesn’t conclude, it doesn’t end and there are never ending allegations on things as trivial as taking a breath and as big as being a life partner. The point of significance here is that EVERY TIME, there was an opposition and doubts came in, upon confrontation, they surfaced to be not more than a great lather foam made from soap.

The repeated attempts to slander, break the backbone, scare tactics, humiliation and god knows what, it has never been that they had their way….their struggle moves on…leaving me to think, WII FT….what is in it for them? 

The question is that if what they are fighting for is so “RIGHT” and “TRUE” and “MEANT TO BE” and “PERFECT MATCH” then WHY was there a void that needed to be filled? WHY is there a struggle for something that was “O SO PERFECT”?? Why getting your way by FORCE? why brain washing is required to have what you want? How on earth, love has to ask for a third party help? I never needed it! Because he believes in me and I believe in God!

Apparently, they do accept that they can agree to differ in opinion ONLY, but can not ALLOW  a decision to be taken of a lifetime for a person’s own life 😀 … not realizing, it is NOT your life… that is the most basic thing. 

There are supposedly, a dozen minds, joined together, investing their time, energy, a part of their lives which they could live for themselves and their family for better reasons then figuring out what one person does, in her bedroom? 😀

One…. against over a dozen (rough/random estimate) and I thought I was the insane one! 😉

But, I must appreciate the work and amount of effort that is being put in for a cause which is not theirs. Such selfless struggle to break two people apart to the point they’d start to hate each other is commendable. (Applause)

Figuring out one new aspect every time the previous one fails, is down right INTERESTING :)… Such entertainment for audience and a true story worth telling….what they sadly fail to understand is the grave side of the story, where a life is being played with… which they are totally aloof from. For them, it is not more than a high school prank!

It seems like these are high school students in their adulthood, failing to grow out of their high school phase… (when we used to see the practical and sane ones as dad figure or mom figure)… ironically enough, some of them are parents themselves and some married over a decade 😦

But reality is far more than the apparent views on it….the superficiality of it calls for reality check… that I don’t want to give them….or maybe they are TRYING to putting it this way finding a few of us being totally gullible

From my end, it is even more hysterically funny…seeing so many of them against one….failing to beat her so far…

So, let me enjoy this moment of pure insanity…. and end my rant with this thought, If you can’t still see it, eventually, life will make you see it without me forcing it. 

Your faith is in doing what all of you do…manipulate, exploit, twist the meaning, put on your meanings to it, project things in your version or the one that suits you, and I’ll stick to my belief… 


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