Gone are the times when a girl and a boy would fall in love, get married and live happily ever after… gone are even the times where a girl and a boy would fall in love but are opposed by the families… fight for their right to choose to be with the one they love and make it to be together….

Now are the times when EVERYTHING in our lives has changed or taken over by rather “nontraditional”  ways of things….so has our love stories… Now, a girl and a boy DO fall for each other but the opposition is coming from rather unconventional fronts… the “peeps”…

So, the story goes like this…. Once upon a time, there was a girl who longed for one true love…. a boy living somewhere around, lived  a  similar dream. They found each other since nothing is impossible anymore, BUT… the twist comes from the people surrounding them… hence, begins the trial and error show…

Not only it was opposed and unaccepted but there was a contender to this show as well….

Not only do you have to pass all the stages of a level, you also have to remain SANE always, one “miss” can get you a thousand “hits”…

The trial of love, faithfulness, piety, intellect, sobriety, chemistry, temperament, passion, “how bad do you want it”, patience, allegations, “beauty is skin deep”, “we’ll f* up your head so bad, you’ll run for your life”, “Let me try to break her spirits”, “Lure the lady out”,  sacrifices, intentions, understanding, reliability…

The question is what else you would want to try someone on if you are testing someone fair and square and not deliberately trying to find a loop-hole…. AHA!!! here it is!! your reason not to choose her!… not worth it man! 😦

But so far the reason has a status of M.I.A.

Yet, I face one battle after another just to stand…. the thing that I am unable to communicate very properly is that, I am NOT proving anything… you are just judging me on my mindset… If this thing establishes here, the scenario will get out of trials zone and get into “choose the best” zone.

Having said all this, all the tribulations and the daily matinée shows starting from 7am till 7pm with varying flavors seem to be like pebbles of a broken huge rock… and their attempts seem like a candle burning its last…. All there is to know is what will become of it…. The biggest thing to put at stake is your life. If you know you are risking your life, do so completely. It will either come out brilliant else you’ll be dead. There is no such thing as ‘calculated’ risk in life. And there is never a plan “B”.

You are completely worth every bit of it man! 😀

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