To help, support, have fun with, rely on, confide in, laugh out loud like crazy, conclude the ‘great’ arguments, to fill in the pros and cons columns or simply hang out with…

A true friend, like in any other beautiful relationship knows the boundaries… the line where it says, “this is it buddy! this is as far as I will interfere, beyond this line, you are on your own but my support will always be with you!”

Sometimes when the involvement gets over board, the line kind of disappears and things get too tangled…like in any other relationship, this is the moment which needs a “time out”, to take a breather…look around where is everyone standing… see where you are and whats going on?

Sometimes, there comes a point where you have to do a thing all by yourself…without anyone else saying a word or helping you out…like taking an exam, you do your homework, join in combine studies and study groups but then you take the exam by yourself…

We are humans after all, no one can give a 100% sane input 100% of the times… we are prone to let the ‘inappropriate’ emotions get the best of us (and it is totally understandable because too much attachment leads to ownership) and unconsciously block our ‘best friend’s’ way.

The closest most attached relationship is that of siblings who grow up together. Truly, “best friends for life”. Ever since childhood, they were together in every waking moment of their lives… the strongest bonds ever and the beautiful, priceless moments they have had, are beyond comparison,lived through innocence, times of confusion, growing up and maturity… but, living this way for over 3 decades, there comes a time when his/her own practical life begins… you feel like being left out…and his/her better half gets all the limelight of his/her life. What do you do? sabotage that what he wants because you got jealous? Try to convince him he should wait for someone better? Get him to see many other girls so he finds more options? and what if he decides on someone and asks you to help him get to it?

Your role should be to facilitate the process… talk to him, find out why, argue where ever necessary, clear up yours and his points of hang up, and when all is said and done, let it be…let it flow… My stance was the same… be there for him in his happiness 🙂

Not making it an issue of your ego, prior claims of ownership or sending him on a guilt trip for the sake of attachments… sure, you still love him and always will is precisely the reason why you want his happiness… what ever it may be!


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