White/black, Big/small, Old/new, Classic/contemporary can only be the differences to create for the sake of creating a difference and not the reason or motivation to make choices.

Attributes make us unique…in a good or a bad way. Why someone would love it in somebody should only be for one sole reason: Because you love the person who owns those attributes and NOT because you love those attributes and someone possesses them!

Media always had a very important role in creating a congenial scenario for whatever it wants to propagate. Very subtly and sometimes even in a blunt manner, media creates a mindset….Looking around I see, a mindset already created by a few but influential parties to cater to their own interests.

If I had not seen a fairness cream advertisement after every 2 minutes on every single click I made to switch the channel to find something worth viewing, I won’t be looking into physical attributes too much in others. The worst is when one starts to judge his/her own self and defines self worth by the abundance or lack of such attributes due to this external bombardment of “you are too ugly for me” kind of advertisements.

We, are stuck with how we look, rather than how we feel. Where a good day is when you look in the mirror and you look nice to yourself you feel good is actually the only lie you will live. Instead of a day, when you felt so good, that it showed on your face… that is REAL beauty!

I have seen both kind of days… the ones when I put on “fairness creams” to look good and the ones when I feel like a princess who owns the world and that shows on my face… The only thing which should matter here is the reason or the cause of such an effect. This reminds me of a TV ad campaign for a beauty soap with a tag line “is it love?…no it is dove!” (Dove being the brand name) clearly kills its purpose in a way because it evidently fails to hide in telling you which is the real thing and which isn’t? It is another way of telling you to find a substitute for love…At least that is how I see it.

No wonder we are becoming more like brands ourselves. Brands have price tags… Only humans are priceless!  and nowadays a rare find.

Invasion of privacy is another demon that media possesses. It is true that creativity has a dead-end beyond which you can not go on to bring in something totally original…This is where inspirations come to help you… To create something interesting, to aspire, get inspiration from, to make their programs substantial (we are ‘talking’ about ‘something’), it does make their jobs easy, but it should be dealt with dignity.

What I am dreading is that there will no longer be the “kind” of people who have a genuine opinion based on their uniqueness or personal preference since we are way too serious about stuff that is showed on TV, printed in newspapers/magazines etc that it has now an over bearing power to control us.

I am defined by them… and they say that a 25 years old woman with a business degree should have a sound career, marriage, family and a rocking life! 

(None of the things namely career, education, marital status, family background goes to define someone as a person but can be a point of referrals for strangers who know not any better. I can be someone who wanted to be a doctor, got business education, aspired to be a fashion designer, is basically an artist and won’t do nothing as her choice for that matter… but it is not for you to judge now is it?)

A teenager girl SHOULD like everything “pink” and “pretty” and should only be in a certain “hip” environment. (she can like it to be pretty and pink and can be totally a purple loving person….or red or yellow or blue… WHATEVER!)

A guy should define how he will earn his living by the time he is twenty and BETTER stick with the “plan” for good..(No, you may change  your career whenever and NO it DOES NOT show the degree of loyalty because your career and personal life are way too different to be judged on the same plane)

Why should media be dictating a human mind or heart to follow a certain way of living just because it is tried and tested and works generally?? What works for you might not be the best for someone else.

To make your own preference, you should be finding your own reasons, your own motivations, your own comfort zones… every human has his/her own pace to which they function the best… that sets them apart!

Media, peers, influential personalities, people in general are the resources that are a must have for your research to help in a sound, well rounded decision for anything in life…none of these should be the only place of “sound advice” to be sought from.

Having said this, I guess the hardships/tragedies and calamities faced by a third world country can make us take refuge in being superficially happy and get by our tough times and days that end when we tell ourselves, “hey what the hell! life is a bi*ch!” and media is the best source of entertainment, but it is now better described as infotainment and bears a great deal of responsibility. Even news channels are not just news providers anymore. They are an integral part of the process of creating perceptions. From the point of presenting options for viewers to take their pick, they subtly hint towards their preferences.

Bias does not necessarily mean you out rightly support someone through and through. Bias is in your mind and most of the times like an empty vessel or a puppet, media plays in the hands of the control freaks. The question of ethics, morality and dignity is only asked to those who value it. In an amoral medium, you expect no better than what you can decipher by the encoded messages of the minds behind the mimes.

You can either stand out and call a spade a spade or loose yourself in the heard. If only a mind is kept away from getting polluted, the heart and soul will strengthen you to see things for what they really are and not how they pretend to be. The other way is the test of time.


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