“You caught me by surprise” can be the most sweetest and most dreadful feeling ever. 

So what is in a shock value? Few minutes of sensationalism… like “fad” in fashion terms… something going up or down, like a free fall roller coaster ride or as they say too quick too soon.

Emotions are more stable then feelings… retaliation is the worst thing to go through as a person and also to bear with. You never know how long and how far it may go?

Confusions are deadly. They work on you like a masked man…never can tell witch is which?

The kind of mark it is usually expected to make it can’t, because first time it is shocking for the fact that you never actually experienced it before but any other time, it will only be a lame act of retaliation.

If you “feel” too much your graph will hit the peaks and rock bottoms in a jiffy. On the other hand, emotions sustain, regardless of the apparent values.

Emotions that sustain are reliable… changing like a chameleon can hurt a person’s credibility to an extent where trust can’t be recovered completely. That is the worst place to stick at  for too long. If you get stuck with something for a long long time, knowing that you need to break free from it, the more time you delay the action, the more it will twist and wind around you…and you’ll sink into it like you are in a swamp.

It is my personal experience that getting out of a swamp is next to impossible. Mostly it requires an outside aide to do the final honors. But struggling to get out of it on your own, only gets you deeper into it.


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