Book reading is much fun if it is the book you are focused on. One of my reading habits that keep me from reading a book for, what seems like forever, is that the books I read stay with me in the way that they affect/alter me…I get totally involved…. it won’t be wrong to say that I live the books I read… books are like those silent friends who are always there 😉

So, like everything else, choosing a book is also hard for me because I want to know its likely  impact on my fragile nerves and squishy mind 😀 Also, It must appeal to me in some significant way! 

I have seen people taking pride in finishing a book in hours time… telling their friends they finished 4 books in 2 days like HELLO!!!!!!!

But I never rush through my books….if I like it too much I secretly wish it never ends 😛

Yup, I savor it, bit by bit…. and words and situations and stories fly around me till I end up dreaming about it or figure out multiple alternate endings 🙂

Nowadays, the book in my hand is a story about a futuristic life, and how robotic and controlled life may be if the only reason of human existence is taken away from them…FREE WILL! the only reason that sets us apart from all other living creations of God.


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