The more you read, the more it makes you think… I don’t know if every reader goes through this, while reading a book, to take a pause at some point…just to ponder or to feel the current feel of the words… or to find similarities or “have been through this” moment in one’s own life… that would be very touchy to the least!

Because it is a romance based book and I am a true “hopeless” romantic, I find many a moments described in the book  as if they were taken right out of my life… just like it happens sometimes that something you thought or exact words you said or a good song by its melody or a piece of lyric  fits perfectly to describe your situation (emotionally).

Just like a certain genre of music, a certain topic or subject does influence a good part of your brain than others and in my case it happens to be…well, humans in general….survival stories….autobiographical books….something which helps one learn more about life in its entirety than the mundane, because we are mostly going through our lives, and at most compare it with ones who are around us…. farthest we go are the tell tales of distant somebodys….

BUT, life doesn’t end here and there are possibilities of way more scenarios than we can imagine. Books, certain “art” movies such as contemporary literature and art forms which are not too main stream, provide platform to comprehend it a little better. Not that ANYONE could decipher life completely…. not till it was too late 😦

On the other hand, it is also comforting to read something that you can relate with…in my case it is WAY TOO SIMILAR but I’ll live with the fact. 🙂

3/4 book is done and it feels like the story will start….. NOW!

I think it is a compliment for the writer if she could keep her reader glued to the words, pages and book and not giving a feel of boredom. The emotions are described in a simple manner….in a very ‘matter of fact’ way…..in a simple language… bit to plain for my liking but the magic of not using  big words, complex phrases yet the feel of every emotion is transferred in the minds of readers very smoothly, in an almost dreamy manner….exactly taking the perspective of a young, teenage girl and how she sees the world …rather how she wants to see the world. Human emotions are complex and to convert the feel into words and make it “digestible” for any and every kind of reader is difficult.

To begin with, words are always either not enough or not appropriate enough to describe EXACTLY what you feel. A feeling can only be understood by another person feeling it… but how? If words are not enough and they fail to do justice to meet the absoluteness of emotions, than the task at hand is the toughest!!! How to let the feeling show? In this book like  in real life, Cassia, the girl,  faces situations where she fails to convey what she really felt, leaving the reader in an awe.

In a classic romantic dilemma of a love triangle, choosing between the best friend Xander and the love of her life Ky while she is “matched” with her best friend, she can’t seem to make up her mind… and in an emotional rush, she tells her best friend/fiance’  Xander off, promising Ky to keep her love and fight for it.

Will she win against all odds? Will love survive the worst possible opposition? Does she have the strength to fight the system?

A few more chapters and it will all be clear :)…. Soon 🙂


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