I finished reading the book, FINALLY!!!

When the overwhelming feel of the words insinuating meanings in my mind and scenarios planned and planned pretty well, wore off me and I look at the closed book laying beside me on the bed… the story inside it and the effect it had on me…. it feels like one of those ‘just another story’. I thought there were more chapters remaining but it ended too abruptly and with a feeling that the writer wrote and created a nice plot and well the built up was strong, impressive, promising, deep and inspiring but by the end of the last chapter it left me with the feeling that the writer was at a  loss of ideas…or has left the ‘Big Idea’ for the sequel book that takes the girl’s story ahead…which in my humble opinion is not justified to this story, on an individual case basis.

So here is where it ends; Cassia tells Xander off and speaks up about her feelings for Ky. Xander, very easily steps back and even helps Cassia to go and find him since he has been sent somewhere far far away as he was disrupting the codes and rules of the society that controls them. But wait, Cassia, who now is on her way to look for Ky STILL misses Xander because he was a part of her life, always! 😛

That was the twisted build up once again for the upcoming sequel book “Crossed”!!!

Even though I don’t really buy the forced build up for the writer’s next venture, this book had it’s parts that I still like despite of it’s weird ending.

1. I watch the Borough slide by on my way into the City. The green has not yet given way to the stone and concrete, when I see white flakes drifting through the sky. Everyone notices them too. Snow? In June? It can’t be! a man across the aisle muttered. But look at it? she says. It can’t be! the man says again. People twist and turn to the window and feel agitated. Can something wrong be true? Sure enough little white puffs drift pass on their way to the ground. There is something strange about this snow. But I am not sure exactly what. I find myself holding in a smile looking at all the worried faces around me. Should I be worried, too? Perhaps. But it is so pretty so unexpected, and, for the moment so unexplainable. 

2. How can we appreciate anything fully, when overwhelmed with too much?

3. Is falling in love with someone’s story the same thing as falling in love with the person himself?

4. Don’t go gentle into that good night.

5. they were too much to carry,

so I left them behind

for a new life, in a new place

but no one forgot who I was,

I didn’t

and niether did the people who watch

they watched for years

they watch now

6. the story of Sisyphus…the one who was challenged by the society to roll a rock up the mountain….the one who was given the task to roll it up on that steep mountain and take it to the top…..the one who was never able to reach the top of the mountain…..the one who never gave up trying!


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