Mistakes: To err is to human. We all know it but forget when it should matter. Mistakes made can only be turned into productive if they are accepted, confessed and promised not to be repeated. These are good mistakes because they made you learn and turned you into a better person.

Accountability: If you think you can go around doing things to people and never be held accountable for it, you should only hear the clock ticking. When will one ever learn to stand up, take up the responsibility and face the consequences. 

You may ask  yourself, was it too far across the line?

Lines/Boundaries: The best thing about relationship is that it grows well within the boundaries. You have got to chalk out the do’s and don’ts and understand each other and learn to occasionally ignore and pin point to keep it steady. 

Punishment: When a punishable mistake happens, how far would you go punishing someone? What should be the degree of the punishment? How will one match the evil act with the degree of punishment? In all fairness….how far is too far and who will determine it?

Revenge: If a team of people are hired to take down someone… Will you determine the objective of that from the beginning? Will it change half way through? Is it necessary to take revenge? Who will determine the course of action? If you achieve the objective, will it be over then? Is it the right thing to do? Who will be the judge of that?

Manipulation: If there is a rightful thing one wishes to attain, are all the wrong ways the right way to do it? don’t the means define the end? If all the wrong ways get one to have something good, and rightfully theirs, won’t we be living in a parallel universe? If you question the previous question, or smile at the simplicity of it, won’t you be an insane person?

Turn Back Time: If you realize or were made to realize, at any point in time, that you were doing it all wrong and you want to take back everything ….make it all right, but it seems like the time is up for it….What would you do?

Move on: If someone has moved on, after spending what seems like a lifetime at the door step knocking again and again only to find a “no response” and then eventually deciding to move on…would  you ever try to make a return happen? And how far should one try for it?

Regret:  When you give it up, take it for granted and do not value it… it may not stay where it was… it may not feel the same, look the same, it changes in so many ways that one can possibly imagine … the worst change is that of heart and mind. What is the best possible way to make amends? 

Subliminal Push/Pull: If someone is causing to make you think/feel pro or against a certain thing, is it not unethical? Needless to say totally wrong, knowing that the end result of all this is only the brain washing and not an actual thought/feeling?

Realization: That point in time before which you were so sure you are right and the other person is wrong, only to find that all this time, you were blind folded by your own ego and a rage to be in control, you destroyed everything that ever could be termed as “good” in your life…How far would you go to fix it?

Turn over a new leaf: At a given point in time, you take a decision for a new beginning, realizing that restart is not an option but a clean slate is the beginning of a new journey, How far would you go to keep it that way?

Choice: The thing about love is that, it happens. It is never a choice. It chooses you and not the other way around.

Conscience: You can laugh all you want, lie all you want, make up stories, cook up conspiracies, lie some more …ridicule and belittle to feel better about yourself ALL YOU WANT, but you can NEVER lie to your own self! 

Interpretation: Funny thing about interpretation is that everyone has his/her own version. It is fun to see so many people taking their own tolls on something they saw/heard/experienced. One starts to believe that maybe truth has versions 🙂

And if you ever think about having a talk with yourself (which everyone should try), you’d find that you know the truth and there is no hiding from your own self. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time!

Irony: What would you do if you know the real emotion (true and kind)… camouflaged in the dirty/stinky schemes and plots … how can you help someone when they are their worst enemies?

Urge: The only thing one needs to control is themselves and not the other person. Observation/experiments show that if you want to control a situation/scenario/event, you need to control yourself.

the lack/absence of belief in morals and values and the ethics of it is the mother of all the evil that prevails around us. 
God bless us all!!!


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