To create awareness about the brand through different means of communication so that sales and profitability can be maximized.


For the mere reason of maximizing profits through sales, companies need advertising ever since the production of goods started on a large scale.  In the beginning, competition was less. There were fewer brands to opt from but as business flourished, markets became more and more competitive and created a “need” to present themselves up in the front for customers to identify and recognize the brands in a category for selection. In the battle of being chosen over any and every kind of competition, companies try to convince the customers by polishing the best features of the products and bring it in the closest proximity of the target market as much as possible to acquire the biggest chunk in the sales share.

Not only do companies need to fight for sustaining their current market position, there is a need to keep developing the brand and find new frontiers. This is not only necessary to pitch the brand in the right markets but also to explore potentials.

There is no limit to the insatiable “need” of consumers which serves as the main drive for companies to go to the extraordinary extents. People in the earlier times were simpler. They needed simple things and were content with what they were offered. Times changed and so did advertising. With technological advancement, consumers became smarter and nowadays demand more in return.

 Advertising helps communicate the current message of the brand to the consumers. Sometimes companies try to offer the same product with a different angle on it, other times and usually when this does not work, companies try to improvise the product features, packaging and price reductions etc. It is always about that little bit extra that sweeps away the competition.

Advertising is the link between companies and consumers serving as a bridge for effective communication. Simpler times needed simpler communication. As consumers became more aware, companies started to expand their creative horizon which took advertising to a whole new level.  Companies needed to tell the consumer about the product and its usage? In earlier times a lot of text was used but as times progressed, advertising became more and more visual.

Creative advertising is required for the brand to sustain all kinds of market pressure as well as to communicate effectively, create awareness and to compete with the competition and win the brand war campaign after campaign.



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