There is a very famous story narrated by Rumi about an atheist and a mystic. We all know what it is right 🙂

So here is what it makes you think:

How do you qualify to be either an atheist or a mystic (keeping in mind the story) in todays day and age?

One has seen the variety of situations, each one more absurdly unique than the other….sometimes an individual ends up behaving like both the characters at different points in time.

Characterizing people as one or the other has become next to impossible. Please keep in mind that here, we are only referring to the nature of an atheist and a mystic and not on their religious beliefs.

Since the grey area has taken over the majority of the “right” and the “wrong”, we have little to be too upright about. Most of us spend our entire lives swimming in that grey area and bring up our children the same. Another generation with no clear concept of right and wrong is downright tragic.

Consider this; You are faced with people who can be pleased by doing a bad deed…..JUST to make them happy 🙂

For example, In Islam, the concept of revenge is very strong and clear. You have a right to make someone feel the way you felt. An eye for an eye….and so on but there is a fine print to it….it is best advised not to take revenge.

An atheist may not even think twice but being a good human being may not take revenge (for the sake of goodness alone) and a mystic will forgive. In fact a mystic will feel guilty to make someone feel bad. A muslim may take revenge and justify it as his/her right but a good muslim will forgive.

So, in the same scenario, no matter what kind of nature you have or what mind set you carry, you always have a choice. The same choice that gives you the power to turn the flow of river backwards… It always comes down to your own actions.

Question: Won’t a Muslim who takes his rightful revenge be questioned for it? Even though he is rightfully doing so?

Answer: We are questioned not for what we do but what we “choose” to do. Yes, he will be questioned.


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