Works wonders for girls and is not something guys should try! Hard to get makes a woman more desirable and makes a guy less desirable because if a woman plays it this way (that also should be only for a while), she is making a statement that she is not the “easy come easy go” type. She shows her reliability, credibility and trustworthiness through this, whereas a guy only makes one statement if he does this: “I am not THAT into you !” or some other major issue.

Playing hard to get is something that everyone has done or has chased someone who did it to them in life, in either case, it is pleasantly addictive to a point where it starts to backfire. Everyone has different types of ways of showing this point but the most common in everyone is a point where things get stuck for longer time than it normally should.

Playing hard to get, is a chasing game and one has to be a good sport about it… but not so much that one loses the respect for themselves or others or your  respect in the other person’s eyes.

Be careful, you do not want to end up “high and dry” yourself.


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