Who ever loves Peter Pan is usually fascinated by the whole Peter Panish life style, would know Wendy. And also knows that Peter Pan is not Peter Pan without his Wendy!

Yes, we all in our lives have had times when we didn’t know any better and the only one person who’d make us feel comfortable being us, is our wendy who’d make it all good by being with us. Honestly, we have little to do with what we did back then than what our Wendy told us! Just by following the prescription, everything seemed clearer and more bearable… We were nothing but a bundle of gratitude for getting us through that time and having to have someone by our side!

But Wendy’s biggest catch is that she doesn’t realize that Peter Pan wanted to grow up! and live like other normal people with responsibilities and risks and whatever real life has to offer.

In the story as well as in real life, Wendys don’t want you to be anything other than or more than just a  “Peter Pan”!

Like the idea should stay as it is, the other kind of anything is not good to go for…. or it won’t work out…because it is not them and it is not about them.

Grand parents, Fathers,Mothers, sisters, brothers, best friends (either gender) and other people who had a strong influence upon your life will tell you otherwise about any new thing you’d like to try or anything that would deviate from an already planned life under the cover of “our best interests at heart”.

Just because it won’t suit theirs doesn’t mean what you want to be is wrong. That you shouldn’t try because you’d fail…that it is a mirage, far fetched, not true, temporary, phase of life if nothing else, they’d convince you that you are thinking it all in the heat of the moment. They will usually end the discussion/argument with, “Lets see how far this goes!”

Even though you know what they are doing to you. It is obviously emotional black mailing but the hitch is that you care for them all the more and it feels like (or were made to feel like) without you, they’d not be okay!

A long face and a deep sigh whenever your eyes meet is their most subtle way of saying, “What the hell are you doing. Think twice!”

Or that, “I don’t know what will become of your life. I am worried for you!”

Usually people who are late bloomers are caught up in such situations and by the time they want to take matters in their own hands, the water has already risen above their heads.

So even if you realize there is nothing much you can do, cause now you feel tied.Other than to feel sorry, you can’t do anything for yourself and you cease to grow and as you were told, you’d try to find your happiness in being what you’ve always been.

People like us… we are hostages. Forced to live a life of immaturity…never get to live life to its fullest! or a chance to find our own potentials!

We are Peter Pans and our Wendy loves us just like that!


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