Until or unless we are faced with a “full disclosure”, the question remains….whose game is it anyways? !!!!

You should know better, there is this thing about games….it is anything but honest! So, unless you are honest, it is just a game…there is a “story” which makes the “plot” for the game, there are levels or stages, there are players, there are difficulty levels, decoys, help, catalysts, charades and what not!!!

The thrill of watching it all happen just as planned sitting afar, is a feeling I can understand….I mean I know the adventurers have a thing for keeping their lives spiced up…literally or fictionally…

Sadly, it is anything but honest!

So the master mind has all the stages set… except that unlike programming it on a fictitious level, in real life there must be contingency plans for the unexpected, “Life-Like” situations….the twists and turns that may take things out of their own control and the whole show regardless of how well orchestrated it had been for how ever many number of months can fall flat on its face!

The question remains, “Whose game is it anyways!”

If you can sort things out, it is right in front of you….the mind in front and the master behind it….in a very intriguing movie, this is where the “climax” starts….shortly followed by the end 🙂

If you can see the faces, the games the objectives… by now you must have lost all interest in it…it is officially boring now!

I need a cup of tea…and lets see whats next! Not in this game but in real life 🙂


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