The most amazing thing about life is that it never stops. Sadly, that  is the irony about it too.

Blessed are those people who can dream. Lucky are those who can live their dreams. Though everyone can dream, very few can make it come true.

Dreams are amazing. They can be anything depending on the scope of vision one has. The farther you see, the bigger your dream can be… and if you can see with your eyes closed, your dreams will be unbelievably out of this world!

But, the downside of dreaming is, that they can end anytime. Sometimes they are crushed, other times they fade away with time. The one that fades away has a chance of a return but the ones that have been brutally crushed, repeatedly… are impossible to resuscitate.

The mere fact that faith leads us to believing in our dreams, keeps us sane about it as well. If your faith is shaken, you won’t be able to see things clear, let alone have your belief in them.

The very basic ingredient called Trust, is one of the factors that keep you dreaming the dream.

It is very important to see that a person makes ones self extremely vulnerable when trust is being built. And when you have gained someone’s blind trust, that is when you become completely responsible for everything…i.e you, the other person and the situation…because now, you have yourself, the other person and hence the whole situation in your autonomous control, which also gives you the absolute responsibility.

Here is when one can make the most sound judgement of a person and the strength of his character… By asking one simple question; “What are you going to do with it?”

The power of control can cause madness in an otherwise sane person. If you can handle it, it is a gift and if you can not then you will cause a lot of trouble for yourself and the other person. With such kind of power must come a caution: “Use it wisely!”

But it goes without saying and is a given and so is usually taken for granted.

Sometimes we start to see things in a different perspective. Maybe way out of the one we usually have. That can be kind of refreshing, but only for a while. Because, every situation is seen differently from different angles and if you choose to see every angle, you won’t find one right angle….like an illusion….it will appear to be totally perfect, from every angle….making it impossible to judge the right one.

Finding the right angle is the key to sound judgement. And finding a right angle triangle is a recipe for disaster. The tricky part is to handle it right. To not go wrong with someone. To be able to and be strong enough to give the devil his due.

All that ever matters is not what happened, not how it felt but what you did. So, be wise and not get carried away to where the wind blows.

Good times and bad, all shall pass. The memory of you should be by how your behavior was, or what your action was and if you look back and your conscience does not question you, you know you did right 🙂 !


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