If shortsighted people are the ones who get into your ears the most and try to get onto your nerves….rung charta jata hai…hehe…I guess I am a bit emotional these days…

But what can you do about the ones who have nothing to do with your life but somehow try to screw you up…thinking they are smart asses and they can scheme , manipulate and do all the wrong in the world to get their way…. apparently for something they think is THEIR RIGHT….Later on I figured out, they are no “saints” and were paid for the job. They claimed they could make a 100 turn into 200. that they can turn a human being into a “made to order” kind of person….Which is down right ridiculous. Also sad, for someone who believed it could happen…Sympathies 😦 )

The question here is; Well what can they really do if you don’t engage them?

Yeah. I am very much aware of it. I know I can tune them out in a click… I knew it all along and maybe knowing the power or control of not being at this position made me do it anyway…JUST to know what they would do….Its crazy!!! they change their ways every minute….they do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING…. they reach me everywhere. But, to even my own surprise it turns out not more then a ‘poof’…. but they still persist on doing it….they really “WANT TO” GET TO ME!!…. and for a nano second of a time, they even do!

You should “hear” the sarcasm and smirks in their voices… like a losers victory which was declared by an accident… only to find out in a little while that, that was not it.

It is sickening….unusual…. I don’t know why am I letting it happen…making a group of people which I call the ENEMY CAMP,  think they are in control and just observing what they do….what will happen???

I feel like being in this stupid suspense/thriller movie where your life has become a suspense/thriller….and there are so many characters of different types working for the same cause…. I don’t know why curiosity gets the best of me?

So, a cowardly act was done and they played a prank….getting me all nostalgic…and got me a little emotional.

They are no more than a couple of idiots who would not let you be…and they will conspire on a huge level…

So, they got into my phone, accessed my message archive and started sending me messages impersonating the person from whom those messages were from…that is a mid level low for them …hahahahahahaa…..actually, they can go down so low even low looks like  sky high…

I see them like monitoring a social experiment…..like researchers trying to know more about the human race….log kya kya kerte hain…aur kya kya ker sakte hain….and they surprise me relentlessly.

But the only difference is, this is a situation where I see them as an experiment… which is the reason why I let the non sense go on and tolerated it for what feels like more time than it could have been funny…and they see me as a girl who is living in a fantasy world…in her own mind, she lives and believes what they tell her, when ever and what ever….like Alice in wonderland…and from my point of view, they all look Alice to me…..thats pretty ironic.

Let me unfold it for you…. like a high level investigative/detective team… they are linked to my laptop…by this software I forgot the name of…a friend told me how I could start live streaming aswell, but it won’t be fun then.So they see, hear ,read everything that is on my laptop. even right now. I practically allowed them in on my privacy …hehe

Hence, the stupid “wake up” calls made to Alice which they believe is in reality… (evil laugh)

(YAWN) its been so long and this cat and mouse chase is getting nowhere. I think it was fun till nothing was known and now that we ALL know EVERYTHING, people should come clean.

If not, here is where it ends….quite abruptly….no winners or losers. Just like  “CUT!”, and everything cuts off. Curtains.


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