The various thoughts that float in my head when I think of Mr. Behinds, one beats all. He thinks that having the right connections at the right places with right people will always help him rule the world. I wish someone could wake him up…..just like he tries waking up other people everyday, weekdays from 7-10am.

Mr. Behinds………where should I begin with my learnings about Mr.Behinds??

Lets see how I see, how he sees himself.

“I have a thing for butting in into other people’s lives like an addiction. Very spontaneously I will just get along in a conversation which maybe strictly between two people and try lead them on…

Its an ailment, though curable.

Well there is something about me that shouts “split personality disorder” and then there is a loudest cry of “Multiple personality disorder”. People with unfocused approaches towards life and all, do suffer from it.

Since I can’t quite figure out what to make of me….I try to screw up other people. So, I started this scam on these poor innocent people all for some cheap bucks by the side and put up a play.

In this play, I am the writer, director, producer, cameraman, sound recorder, video recorder, invigilator and trial maker. In this show, I AM GOD!!!! (Evil Grin)

Here is my Philosophy: I think, money is power. I think people are commodities that you can buy. I can afford anybody’s price tag. I can tempt you with what you desire as your weakness which can weaken your knees so much that you’ll bow down to the master in no time!!! (YEAH!!!! In your head :P)

I can derail you from your path. I can totally distract you to where your attention is. And I guarantee it, I can do it for you!!!

If someone hates, I’ll make them love!! If someone is priceless, I’ll make him worthless… If you’ll fight me I’ll fight the dirtiest!! And if you stand up to me, I’ll sit down……so I can be in control!!!

My nature is kniving. I am masked with so many masks, you’ll never know the real me. HELL!!!! I don’t know the real me anymore. I can’t work alone so I have an army of pawns. I led them. Satan backs me so no worries. These people all around you on the road and everywhere else, the “innocent” bystanders, are my people. Everyone is Mine because everyone has a price….everyone is a sold out!

The show credits go to all the pawn artists @10, 1,5,9 and weekends specials and crew behind the scenes.

Wake up!!! Rise And Shine….whichever way your eggs are….. just give back the payments to poor innocent people and tell the F**ing bitch she can go horny in the dark with who ever she wants….just “F” OFF!

And stop kissing her ass because not even in million years will your “F**ing” “FRIEND” will consider you as ANYTHING!!  Let me spell it out for you…..YOU will never get lucky with your friend @5 EVER!


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