Have you ever experienced being out of this world without getting high on anything?

I have. This is when I started to learn swimming. It is a feeling I can never forget. One of the very unusual, out of body experiences…

Imagine this; You dip your toe in the water and slowly walk down the pool. Then you let yourself go and balance your body, standing in the pool. As you get acclimatized with water temperature and all, you dive. Head downwards, right below the water level and let yourself loose. Now, you are floating… like a boat…slowly moving forward in a controlled pace… you can’t breathe, you can’t hear and you can see very little through goggles… 

I loved floating the best….very relaxing and meditating. My instructor would tell me I’m wasting time….but I never cared since I am a fast learner 😛

Being in another medium is heavenly. I just can’t explain the way it feels. Only that I can’t have enough of it.



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