Devising a plan to categorically define the way to find truth so justice is not denied, I often think that it always should be like it is in the court room. 

Here, you have;

  1. Defined codes.
  2. A book of law .
  3. And evidence to back your case. The only catch is that your proof should be accepted by both parties. 
  4. Finally, there is a finite time limit.

The codes will tell you to keep a boundary. To chalk out a line that no one should cross. This is only to protect people from rigging.

The book of law will tell you how to tackle the whole situation, without which you can’t find solutions and conclusions. The book will also devise the punishment and will provide enough foundation for anyone to feel safe and not judged wrong.

Evidence is the only way to prove your accusation. The defendant in which case should have a right to question the authenticity of the evidence.

And finally time limit.

Limiting the time to a finite  duration so that either parties can come up with evidences and their scoring points to make their case stronger. There should be a set date for the judge and jury to announce their verdicts. Once the decision is done, in the court of law, the case never reopens on the same evidences and here-says. (unless some new and worthy evidence could be found, which is also subject to authenticity.)

To harass, torture and trick the defendant to get your way is not the right means to prove your point or call it an evidence. It has no legal value since the statement taken under pressure is not accepted to be true both by law and by religion.It will only be a mockery to justice, if that is what it is….if it is a child’s play then the children convicted for such behavior will be given a workshop on discipline.

If we cut off the unfruitful  two years of digging dirt and finding NOTHING :D, lets say your case opens now till end of the year. After which you can rest in peace.

 Concerning parties: Mr.Behinds  and the Team of pawns.

Start Date: June1,2012

End Date:Dec1,2012



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