How in the world can one kill the magic with his/her own hands?

This is as disturbing a concept as believing that an alien lives under your bed 😦

Unfortunately, it is true. Self destruction is a common thing. People don’t realize it until it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooo late!

I have seen this scenario quite a number of times now. Sadly, I am also a witness to their regrets, their apologies and their repents.

But, when the water rise way up your head, you know you have drowned and are sooo dead.

Here is a true story to just give a heads up.

Once upon a time there was a guy. He liked this girl. A lot. So, they got together and thought, life is going to be one fine journey 🙂

Sadly, the girl’s dad died. Things got difficult and they thought they should do something soon, like set a date. But, destiny had a different plan. The guy proposed and under a lot of misunderstandings and rifts, they drifted.

The girl was heart broken. But the guy took her in confidence and talked her through the harsh reality. They had to part ways. With mutual agreement and acceptance of reality, they took the decision “Together” and slowly parted but were still in contact.

Then one day the guy stopped all communication and became an “MIA”  status. The girl searched and searched for him but found him nowhere. One day, she finally got through and spoke to him…asking him if he was ever to come back? Should she leave?

The guy released her and she took the hardest step and moved away.

Things ended like they do and life was coming back to normal for her when that guy got back and wanted to patch up. By then it was too late. She was dead emotionally and just could not bring her feelings back. God knows how she tried!

That must’ve left that guy a grudge unknown to the girl.

Believe it or not, after several years, the same girl stood at the same spot…with this other person. Only this time the parting ways was out rightly not amicable.

The guy surely kept the grudge. The girl knew it but not the reason why since he left her.

The story by now is getting to build up a pattern here. Don’t know the reason for having the same ending to a story which starts differently each time.

There has to be a loop hole. There has to be a reason….something that is wrong and is repeating every time…

To resolve this once and for all, we really need to pin point the factor that contributes to the many ways, failure had its way.

  • Probably there is  something that she does which is unacceptable or totally wrong.
  • The guys that were, had some similar attribute which was not right.
  • Should we curse her luck?
  • She is destined for something different. A bigger agenda than merely being a couple.
  • Her way of thinking is eccentric… uneasy for a common man to digest. 
What ever it may be, her only option is to quit searching for something that does not last longer than expected. 
I think its time!

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