Broken dreams lead to broken hearts… sometimes in life, your only option is to stay strong. It is a good thing, to forgive and forget, helps in moving on, ahead in life.

But if you don’t deal with your traumatic experiences the way you are supposed to, they remain embedded in your sub conscience for as long as you live…. and can creep in on you at any time, unexpectedly, leaving you stoned, unhappy and restless. 

There are many forgivable sins….and then there are those unforgivable ones. The ones that hurt you when you are reminded of them  just the way they did for the first time…the same pain every time you think of it makes it unforgivable.

You can’t do anything to make it better. The only logical thing is to move on from that point of your life by completely forgetting about it…never to be reminded of it. 

Start over your life…turn over a new leaf… good or bad it is over. And that should be accepted with an open heart and mind.





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