Mental inclination says a lot about a person and the qualities he/she possesses. From taking up harmless habits to a  complete formation of personality, your bend of mind leads the way.

Caution needs to be taken since your mind can be both: your enemy or  friend.

The psychological test Rorschach is a classic example of a brain pattern test or more accurately recording the ‘state of mind’  as it helps to see the mental approach/inclination of a person at a given point in time.

One very crucial distinction here is  the difference between mental inclination and frame of mind. It is the same as that of permanent and temporary.

Now,observe those  inkblots. The part of your brain triggered sends a stimulus which generates an action, which in a series of events defines a pattern….in a holistic picture, it defines you.

How would you define ‘ You’? 

  • How would you define ‘Me’?
  • What is an individual’s identity?
  • Is it the ‘image” or the ‘perception’?

The idea of understanding the difference between image and perception is a very tricky game since, you CAN fake an image and very successfully, more like strategically plant an artificial perception in other people’s minds.So, a man’s character is NOT what he so diligently plans to show people…or what he portrays as a ‘make belief’ facade. It should rather be seen as a sketch that you sketch out as your own view.

Image building is a strategically formed perception in other people’s minds. It is that sophisticated (or otherwise) view of you in your mind as you wish to be  perceived by others. For instance; A man can carry a perception which may be in total and utter accordance with the values and norms of the society. The reality instead could be far from it. 

The decision power or the choice you make is in your own hands. Click one button and open up a world of either good or bad. Or don’t click at all.

The rush that you get from the freedom to decide, to call the shots, to be in control of destiny is nothing less than godly! this kind of  power is an addiction that conquers and supersedes every other element of influence.

Having said this, on the other side we have our faith in destiny to be already written by god and the age old debate; If everything is preconceived and already decided as destiny, why are we held accountable for what happens?

The only logical conclusion that satisfies both religion and logic is that, you have a window of opportunity, that little nick of time in which you are basically asked by god, what would you say? what would you do? and that is where your mind and heart, comes into play. God has granted us the power of prayer. Hence, part where you pray to god, asking for things  you want even against your destiny…..that’s your heart!

That is why god gave us humans, the mind… no other creation is more sophisticated in nature than humans. Human brain is so advanced that even scientists don’t know it’s complete scope. The only thing certain is that a normal man does not even utilizes 10% of his total brain.

In short, to know your mental inclination is equal to deciphering the codes of your brain work. To know how your brain works gives you a safe leverage to calculate or predict behaviors. 

Your identity is somewhat dictated by your brain. Science has not yet acknowledged the soul of a human and it still is a scientific mystery, an unanswered question but religion and faith in god, leads you to believe the unseen omnipotent and once you feed your mind with the input that a being is powerful enough to do anything and create anything, the belief, in the presence of soul inside a human is made.

For a spiritual person, who searches for identity, finds it in his soul. For a worldly wise, he seeks it in image and perception. For a believer of science, he finds it in the brain activity.

But for someone who considers them all to figure out the ultimate truth of a human identity.

Is it your actions?

If we consider the logical chain that binds them together, it must look something like this;

  1. You are what you do and if actions are influenced mostly by emotions.
  2. If emotions can be triggered by outside influences as well and make your brain get triggered and your whole chemical action/reaction process starts working….
  3. Unless your soul speaks to you to get you to see it clear…. it is said that your conscience is alive.

Conscience, that can be active or dormant or even dead….never existed sort…

your conscience therefore, is your ultimate identity.

 One can say that you are what your conscience is, despite of your errs.

So, it is safe to say that when we hear someone say, “If I was him, I wouldn’t do that!” or “I won’t do that” or “that (pointing to someone) can never be me!” is actually not a reference to your image or perception but to your conscience.

I am, my soul!

You, are your conscience.

My identity is the soul with which god made me. And probably, mental inclination is the same!


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