Take care of yourselves, your families your boys and girls and leave me alone with my life….
If you have something better to do, please do that!

the worst kind of help is the one you don’t ask for….get the message and get on with your lives….
refocus on better things…

maybe someone else has asked you to help them. Help them. I don’t need anyone telling me what I should do in my life,
when I should sleep, eat, and who I should be with or not be with. Seriously, it is non of your concerns. When you’ll
understand this, you’ll see how big a fool I think you all are, starting from 7am in the morning till 7am the next morning.
….its hilarious!!!!
there is no difference you could make!

so stop wasting your enegies…it is nothing but a botheration for me…

I think I am pretty clear here….. There is nothing more to say for you and to hear for me….
did any of this serve your purpose? btw
I don’t think it concerns you all in any way….nor does it affect you all. You all, have no rights to discuss or pass a judgement or take a decision about me or my life! thats for sure…..
so why bother trying to impose your filthy ideas in my mind?
stop showing me things i dont have any interest in….stop trying to take over my decisions and life….
you can’t be the boss of
someone who will not allow you to cross the limit. you all are crossing the limit.
before someone thinks they should speak about another person’s personal life or attack them on a very personal level,
they should ask themselves if it is any of their business?
The answer is NO! they have nothing to do with it so keep yourselves out of it!

Playing with nerves is the works of a coward. Cowardice, is a hateful attribute!
Men who think that they can have their way by going down low are mistaken …..
you can celebrate a victory not won… you cheat, manipulate, exploit and become the scum of the earth and smirk like you
got it????

people don’t stand up to sit down after a while…..they stand up because they have an ideology.
Understanding it is not difficult since it has been done many a times in history.
To stand against corruption, exploitation and evil forces is a noble cause on an objective as well as subjective level.
I mean, IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO? haha!!!!!


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