1. De-humanize the enemy. So when you strike, you won’t feel it too.
  2. Slanderous propaganda…. a campaign to defame the enemy’s name, character and respect. (your malicious words and malignant intentions will reflect on you as a malodorous character but…. (HEY, ALL IS FAIR) and (WHAT EVER IT TAKES)  😉
  3. Copy the actions of your enemy’s allies….create confusion! (mirror imaging)
  4. Show something, do something else. (Camouflage)
  5. Divert attention. Plotting and scheming needs stable circumstances.
  6. Create an attractive distraction….woh dekho woh kya hai!!!
  7. Make someone else a bigger threat. Then ATTACK!
  8. When you don’t get anywhere with any of your stupidities and you JUST can’t think of anything “valid” or meaningful to say or do…..phew! JUST try to put your enemy in an  “apparently” fixed spot and think rather pray in your heart (WIN!……WIN! ……WIN! ……WIN!)
  9. Play good cop, bad cop.
  10. Strike when it is least expected. (ELEMENT OF SURPRISE)
  11. Send a Trojan Horse into the enemy camp. DESTROY!!! (BIGGEST element of surprise)
  12. Discover weaknesses….exploit them. weaken them.
  13. Manipulate your insignificant attributes into HUGE strengths. Sell them good.
  14. Make enemy’s HUGE strengths look minuscule. Make them irrelevant.
  15. Make your enemy believe you scored. Bring the enemy’s morale down.
  16. Strike hard when the iron is hot…destroy!
  17. Build up situations….then fire!…..destroy!
  18. Become a friend and weaken their strengths. (UNDER COVER SPY)
  19. To win great battles, lose little fights.
  20. Strategize, organize, make a battle plan.  ATTACK!
  21. Make more friends….more friends = more enemies for your opponent. More enemies = more battles to handle. (LOBBYING)
  22. Never show the real number of  bragades or the direction they may come from. (ELEMENT OF SURPRISE)
  23. Instead of gathering insignificant allies, build your fort with the most significant ones.
  24. Get your enemy’s allies on your side. Try to make your enemy stand alone. (LOBBYING)
  25. More than charging strikes, make defenses stronger.
  26. Attitudes win wars…over confidence/arrogance costs you an already won war.
  27. If war is about the last man standing, don’t CHEAT!  (HEY! WHATEVER IT TAKES)
  28. Do not underestimate your enemy. Never assume you have seen all the cards.
  29. Unity, faith and discipline wins mental combat.
  30. Foul play should be taken as sudden disqualification.
  31. Never assume  that the enemy will fight fair… or play fair!
  32. Instead of striking face up, weaken the foundations…. it will fall down by itself… or any blow coming from anywhere (not necessarily from the enemy front) will destroy it.
  33. Before playing your anthem on the conquered land, do take a look at the destruction this war caused. Do check if it was a REAL victory.
  34. Former “Best Friends”, current worst enemies.
  35. Keep your enemy under a false pretense. 
  36. Lure your enemy like a fair damsel in distress into a bait-in situation. Make sure, they can’t see it coming.
  37. Fear your enemy if it has no fear, no weakness and nothing too precious.
  38. Create a well fabricated facade with pretenses and lies. Make your enemy believe it. Make it look like it is true. (lie! then prove it to be true).
  39. When you don’t really know your enemy at personal level, (not that you ever know anyone ever at all 😛 ) you ASSUME things based on stated “facts” by other people (or rather fictions), you see similar “some things” that may be a total look alike or maybe someone framed you to think on a specific line to make your belief stronger on  what you heard has high probability of being true. You conduct tests to check the waters and devise your action to  judge the reaction based on the information. There can be multiple scenarios to the reaction. You make counter strategy for each and be ready with your plan “A”, “B”, “C” etc…..But since assumption is not certainty, you feel like you are on a mind lulling merry go round which gets on your nerves so much…you feel it will make you become a retard or you’ll barf.
  40.   Ignore your enemy. Ignorance is a bliss!
  41. Lastly, Don’t try it on someone who knows it all…. I mean what’s the point if they know your every move ? 😦

What would you do when all else  fails, and you don’t want to give up regardless of all of the above mentioned “enemy sabotage strategies”  been applied, REPEATEDLY…..and your level gets defined as ” DOWNWARD INFINITY???




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