Image conscious, approval seeker, people pleaser, ones who  follow the herd, assembly-line products like plastics are all around us. A person’s uniqueness and individuality gets “refined” in the process of being accepted and supported by the social rule.

I have not yet seen a single person who does not ponder, before taking a good look at the opportunity to dive in the pool, if it is really “worth it”.

Sadly, I have not yet seen a single person who does not find it all worth it.

Flashing lights, smooth jazz in the dim lights, graceful attires, pitter patter laughter with many  promises hanging in the air, high fashion/ high society is where we aim to belong, where “who do you know?” is more important than  “who you are!”

So, young adults in B-schools are groomed to be the ones who must hone their skills in:

  • “follow the directions”
  • and become a good “team player”

Rather than be responsible enough to take your projects individually, collaborate and think things through to make it big.

Your instincts and your mind is shunned by the influencers or the “bosses” who will hammer their own twisted, half baked, below average ideas that may out rightly insult your intellects…..that is precisely the moment when you tell yourself to comply. That is exactly when you kill yourself…..to survive!

Exhibitionist is what you become then…like a good sales person, selling other people’s ideas and taking care of your fill.

The more you see around you, the more you realize that everyone, without a distinct exception is merely an exhibitionist. Small talk, polite smiles, the “yes man” is what our institutes are churning out and the ones who have a little or more backbone left in them gets crushed and straightened up by the corporate system’s pre-devised processes to maintain uniformity.

Live a simple life. Enjoy the luxuries all this “sacrifice” is buying you. Stay with the status quo and save your skin. Because when it comes down to survival, no one blames anyone! cause they’ll tell you, “we are all the same.” There is no right and wrong. There is this vast grey area and you have your own right and wrong. What ever works for you and what ever it takes is legit.


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