Sitting behind the microphone in a dungy old studio, she feels quite in power in her otherwise sad life, she finds it easy to hide the remains of a face which once was on magazine covers….. And now….. This is her biggest thrill…. Well life needs to shape up to carry on….. Anyways!

Katia opened a Pandora’s box in the hope that she will find her goals by the ways of a crook. In her utter stupidity, Katia made her ill intentions exposed in a very dramatic and ridiculous way. For the moment, katia felt elated! For Katia it was a master piece, totally overwhelming and fool proof, a mind boggling frenzy with less than captivating details fired in numerous directions, leaving the grounds of facts and reality at bay, Katia takes a stride towards her doomed fate. For now, what looks like an uncensored diary of a woman of no substance will soon turn out to be the tragic tale of a woman with superficial and materialistic aspirations who could not control herself, on her way to (DOOMED) destiny.


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