More than realizing,  discovering or sketching your individuality, you’d always be facing illustrations of you made by others. A version which may or may not be like you at all but yet pretty real because everything that is said out loud manifests itself and stays in this universe forever….be it a fact or fiction. It does take shape. It does stay and eventually becomes a part of history……your history!

Some thrust it upon you, others insinuate it in you, few will keep their opinions to themselves. If you have an open mind and a strong stomach, you can go after those shadows to find it’s reality. Usually, it won’t be a pretty picture and mostly you will absolutely disagree. So,  if you can’t handle it, oblivion is your home.

Carved in the minds, the versions of you live a life of your clone. It amuses you to find yourself  in ways other than what you really are! It is like being an actor, who gets the sweet chance of being able to play more characters than the original character in one lifetime.

So you realize, you live like all those versions in some or the other way in the very same life and it is fascinating.

Ask this question to yourself, “who am I”? and you will be surprised to find out who not you are or you could be! …. Making connections with the real version to all those and co relating it makes you decipher the mysteries within. Finding gaps and similarities may take you to a point where the irrelevance is minimized and the essentials remain. That chalks out the silhouette of your personality which may look all the same from every angle or version.

So take a deep breathe someday, and put yourself in other people’s shoes and take a good look at yourself. Think like they do for a change!  keeping their contexts, experiences, mentality, angles and personalities in your consideration and see how enriched you’ll feel about yourself, others and the human race in general.


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