When you talk about Ideology and view point, you know that it is not just all talk and no game.

A while ago, I mentioned somewhere that I believe in an ideology. Something that lights as a beacon for all my decisions. I wonder where in the depths of me will I be bringing it out from?

Quote unquote:

“People don’t stand up to sit down after a while…..they stand up because they have an ideology. Understanding it is not difficult since it has been done many a times in history. To stand against corruption, exploitation and evil forces is a noble cause on an objective as well as subjective level.”

You have to deserve something to desire it. You have to give what you ask for. You have to know yourself and others very well to find relativity. You have to be made of the same….intrinsically at least, to over come the hurdles that you may come across.

The Ideology revolves around one thing…. Justice.

You have to be really just about things on logical, emotional and behavioral manner.

A crook for example, should not be compared to or placed next to an honest man. And so on….

I am one of those people who still believe, despite my experiences in life and my  learning through observation, that paying any price to keep your conscience clear and in a condition where you can face it without guilt or shame is worth it. My analysis is totally based on countless sessions of deep, profound pondering over the pros and cons involved in “this is how the world goes.”

If you can be honest with yourself, truly and completely, you can justify your actions, your beliefs and your ideology. This leads to the peace that we all try finding all around us whereas it can only be found within yourself and in the clarity of your heart, mind and soul.


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