When you have cried all the tears allotted per person and felt all the feelings in it’s true and deep sense. When you have done all that you can in your power and have not left any stone un turned……you Move On!

So, this is how it always ends….since  feeling too much and too quick for the both of you makes the emotional tanks to drain by exceeding the maximum limit of the set quota, till they completely dry up.

If someone feels for both, not enough space is left for the other person to utilize his/her feelings or get a chance to even come close enough to feeling as true and deep as the other person who may be doing the work for the both of them, leaving the other person unaware of his own feelings. Depriving him/her the chance to try and judge the sincerity and depth of his feelings since there is no positive space to determine where each stands with this relationship? He might not ever know how he actually feels! because you are hovering over him all the time, in your insecurity to lose that person!

So, when the time comes to part ways, the one who was feeling for the both of them and very generously and lavishly expending all of those precious emotions that had a set quota that went in total waste eaves you depleted and dried out….you feel totally light from within with no baggage and the other person gets to face an enormous space, the void that is created then by the demise of the generous spender.

The heart dies. 

You move on.

Your move on is very clear, decisive with no possibility of turning back. Since you never leave anything behind that you didn’t already catered to. Had you not felt it all and utilized it all, you may be leaving something behind to look back to.

But, for a generous spender there is nothing to look back to….so, they never look back!

This is for the one on the receiving end;

If you feel that you’ve been left with a lot of emotions, DO THINK again and review all the scenarios where you never felt enough or never allowed to match the feelings, DOUBTING that those coming towards you are a mirage, an illusion, simply not real becasue you feared to admit that if you’d acknowledge them, you’ll become a prisoner to those feelings- THAT IS the power of true feelings, the super natural power that can be over whelming, over powering, de-arming, weakening…. which can rule over you, completely!

And if you are someone who hates being caged, you’d RUN AWAY! 

Run towards something that is more under your control than otherwise. In situations like these there must be a simultaneous release!!!! LET GO TOGETHER!!!!!


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