When it comes down to the point where you are thinking about the moment where it all changed for you once and for all….what the mind set was at that time and the only one point that made all the difference, it reveals you.

That point was the decision making point. An instance where you decide to walk out of it or to stay?

If your decisions were based on some kind of rules and morals, you’d be absolutely clear of all the doubts back then…and you’d still be standing by them!

If someone cheats on me….he never comes back HAHA…..and there are women who “allow” their men to wonder….LoL


 men who ask for it are soooooooooooooooooooo not gonna end it here………..there will ALWAYS be more of those requests and you are so NOT the ONE for him 😦:( oooooooppppppppppppppssssss

The few points that make it or break it are;

  • When the going gets tough, who walked out of it? Someone just said it is over and disappeared from the scene, someone else found  it way too complicated to handle, and “kept it simple” for himself.
  • I must state that while weighing the pros and cons, the cons were more for them, making it pretty clear for runaways like those,to give up rather than stay.
  • I think that if the feelings were true, honest and sincere…. and staying with the relationship was a lot of work but not impossible …you just have to give what it takes, but instead if you chose the easier path….which is to quit. Quitting at that time may sound pretty relieving, take off all the pressure that has been building up, walking away from all of it quietly just gives you a stress free easy breeze that was undeniable.
  • Summarizing the scenario, anything else was good….I was not!
  • Feelings/emotions /love…..may not be a big deal for them at that time…..it still won’t be.
  • In my point of view, if the feelings were not true or sincere, abandoning would be easier for them to do and seemingly a better choice.
  • My conclusion to this whole facade is that if someone chose to leave you thinking it was for your good, they must stay away now for your good. If they meant any good.
  • In my opinion, If it was their selfish choice to take care of themselves and their lives at that point, you need to stay away from them now.
  • I guess, everyone wants a real relationship….no one appreciates pity!
  • My question is; If it was a better choice to walk out from everything that was there, in real, still standing, and someone chose to put it all on fire and burn it to ashes ….thinking of it not more than dust..how the hell can it be anything real, true or sincere now?
  • for me the reality will be that, I painted pictures …sketched and colored them but the colors didn’t last long…….I can live with this thought for the rest of my life.
  • The experience of  being a witness to  it all happening right in front of me…and getting myself out of it….was good for me! I could do it all believing that; “it was for the best!” ……..I still would love to stand by it.
  • In the end despite my experiences, I still believe that if something is real and true, in all purity, honesty and truth….I will find it worth my time, energy, and effort! Anything not up to that mark is not worth it since what I’d be offering is the same and don’t think I deserve anything less than what I can give.
  • I need to test me to see whether all of my decisions that were based on an ideology are right or wrong!
  • If my decisions were right, I am right! ….if they were wrong, then why didn’t I walk out the door?

I feel so much better…. I am not only the better human being, I am also a woman with strong moral values….whose values and morals come first….way before her needs and wants and other people’s demands 🙂

WHATEVER you might say, or try to prove 🙂 ….I always prove with actions and examples ….. dig deep!!! oh wait!!! just look around, its everywhere!!

all said and done beyond this point stands INVALID !


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